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About us...


Nicholasville First Assembly of God is located just down the road from West Jessamine High School. Our church has a growing amount of families and individuals from many different walks in life.  Our Pastor is Rev. Bruce Floyd.


In the summer of 1936, Rev. M. M. Johnson of Lexington, Kentucky began to hold Gospel meetings on the Jessamine County Courthouse lawn in Nicholasville every Saturday night. During the fall of that year, Rev. Johnson held a two-week revival in the Courthouse building.

There was great interest shown in starting a church, but lack of financing and no available building delayed the project. A group of interested individuals continued to meet in the home of Carrie Whitaker on Loraine Avenue in Nicholasville.

In the Summer of 1941, Rev. C. W. Modder came to Nicholasville from nearby High Bridge to begin a church. A Revival was again held in the Courthouse building. Following the Revival, services were held in a house on Chestnut Street while the congregation searched for a building they could afford. Weekly offerings amounted to barely $8.00 a week. Nevertheless, they were able to locate a suitable building on Stratton Avenue that rented for $7.50 a month.

In 1944, that same building was purchased by the congregation with a mortgage payment of $10.00 a month, at five percent interest. The congregation grew by the power of the Holy Spirit and hard work and sacrifice of the congregation. Ten years later in 1954 they voted to construct a block building on the adjoining lot, where they would have more room to grow and serve the community.

In 1984, the present building was constructed on a 10 acre lot located on State Highway 29 (Wilmore Road) with a seating capacity of 250. Our congregation has a great desire to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, beginning with our community.

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